Professional insurance

What exactly is comprehensive business insurance?

Commercial property insurance is the most widely written agreement for insurance companies as it offers extensive protection against professional risks and allows the corporation’s actors to concentrate on their duties. What is comprehensive business insurance? Comprehensive insurance can be considered…

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Civil liability: is it compulsory for companies?

Professional liability insurance allows any association, company or self-employed person to be covered for the damage he or she may cause to others during the execution of a job. Still, even if one is usually advised to take out this…

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Transfer of business: why you should choose the seller’s loan guarantee

The seller’s loan is a method that can help you sell your business. It is therefore very important to understand how it works and know the conditions for its implementation. The seller’s loan in a nutshell! A seller’s loan is…

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What are the options available to take out professional drone insurance?

The use of drones has become very popular worldwide and the conditions of their use have generated huge debates. Currently, regulations concerning it have been implemented for professional use. Knowledge of the various legal requirements that apply and the specific…

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