What are the options available to take out professional drone insurance?

The use of drones has become very popular worldwide and the conditions of their use have generated huge debates. Currently, regulations concerning it have been implemented for professional use. Knowledge of the various legal requirements that apply and the specific insurance required is important. There are many implications for their use, so it is essential to be informed before using one.

Why you should get insurance for professional drone use

It is compulsory to have insurance for professional drone use in most countries. As a matter of fact, this type of guarantee is optional for recreational drones unless they are used for commercial purposes. This ensures that the equipment is properly covered. It is therefore important to know what insurance to take out for the use of a private drone on opticourtage.com. In the event of damage caused to a third party, the insurance covers the damage caused. For this, you must take out a civil liability insurance policy to benefit from it. Furthermore, if the user takes out a guarantee, the insurer will provide cover if he or she is injured or the device is damaged. These include injuries caused by the drone and cybercrime protection in the event of attempted drone hacking. Furthermore, the insurance applies if the user is fined for breaches of current legislation on the professional use of drones.

The laws governing the professional use of drones

Indeed, the use of drones dates back to the time of the First World War. These devices were only used in a military framework. They are therefore not toys. This is why legislation has been put in place. First of all, the owner of professional drones is bound to declare his activity to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DGAC. This declaration must be renewed every two years or if the owner changes activity. Secondly, the French law concerning the piloting of professional drones requires the user to have a certificate of aptitude in aircraft piloting. Finally, the drone must not fly over an altitude of more than 150 metres, with one exception.

How much does professional drone insurance cost?

The cost of drone insurance for professional use varies according to several factors, including its technical characteristics and size. The price of the insurance also depends on the use of the drone and the type of activity of the owners. Ultimately, whatever the price, it is essential to have insurance to cover all possible risks.

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