Insurance & Construction

Construction: what are the compulsory and optional insurances?

The building construction market offers various types of insurance, hence the importance of knowing whether the latter is compulsory or optional for one reason or another. One important thing to note is that with insurance always comes liability, regardless of…

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What exactly is the contract for the lease and hire of work?

The contract for the lease and hire of work is a document that allows a contractor to make work available to a headmaster in return for a fee. It acts as an agreement by which a contractor puts in place…

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What is construction damage insurance?

The damage to work insurance is applied to guarantee the cost of repairs when a malfunction occurs during the construction of a house. This work is indeed subject to alterations during construction, but other flaws can occur, especially during renovation…

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Who should take out ten-year liability insurance?

In order to cover all damage that might render a building uninhabitable, it is essential to take out ten-year civil liability insurance. Indeed, if you work in the construction sector, you need to know whether you are covered by this…

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