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How to Choose the Right Annual Car Hire Excess Insurance Policy

As a frequent car renter, you understand the importance of protecting yourself against unexpected costs. Car hire excess insurance policies provide that extra layer of protection, ensuring you won’t be hit with expensive fees should something happen to the vehicle….

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Do you have to microchip your horse to have insurance?

As a horse owner, you are bound to identify your animal. In some countries, the law sanctioning this identification is very strict, obliging each owner to have a subcutaneous chip inserted in his animal. Are you wondering if it is…

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How to get flat-sharing insurance?

A home insurance policy is necessary in the case of a shared tenancy, as in all other types of residence. This contract, which can be signed by the flat-mates or the landlord, should protect not only the inhabitants but also…

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What makes health insurance compulsory in companies?

For quite some time now, every company, whether in the private or public sector, has had to provide its employees with a mandatory health insurance scheme. It is therefore necessary for everyone to know the reasons for this. Here is…

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What are the main distinctions between supplemental and mutual health insurance?

Mutual health insurance has often been confused with health insurance. While the services and objectives they offer are similar and they both provide you with individual cover and guarantee broader reimbursements relative to those offered by the Social Security, they…

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The bank guarantee for dummies

If you happen to have a project in mind but have trouble securing the necessary funds, you should know that taking out a loan from a bank is one of the best resorts. But doing so is not easy, hence…

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Is the two-year guarantee mandatory?

The two-year guarantee is put in place to enable a house owner to benefit from repairs or replacements at the expense of the company that carried out the work in his or her house. Here, we will take a comprehensive…

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