How to get flat-sharing insurance?

A home insurance policy is necessary in the case of a shared tenancy, as in all other types of residence. This contract, which can be signed by the flat-mates or the landlord, should protect not only the inhabitants but also the property against specific risks.

What is the definition of flat-sharing?

Renting a flat with a group of individuals and sharing the costs is known as flat-sharing. In theory, the accommodation is the main residence. For two flat-mates, the accommodation must be at least 16 m² and for each additional flat-mate, it must be at least 9 m². Each flat-mate pays the landlord their share of the rent and charges each month, with each tenant having their lease depending on the number of flat-mates. Each must have a separate room of at least 9 m². All flat-mates have access to the common rooms (living room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.). Roommates are not collectively liable for the rent.

What guarantees are included in a flat-sharing insurance policy?

As a flatmate, you should have a degree of insurance to protect yourself from the hazards of renting. As opposed to third-party liability, which provides cover in the event of injury to a third party, it is essential to obtain cover for the most common risks. There is a risk of fire, water damage and explosion. Choosing a multi-risk home insurance policy is the best option. It protects your flat-mates, objects and third parties in the event of damage. It also protects the whole house, as well as the furniture and equipment in it. You are also protected in case of natural disasters, glass breakage, theft, glass breakage and other incidents.

Which home insurance policy is best for flat-sharing?

As stated above, flat-share insurance is essential to protect each flat-mate and to ensure that the accommodation sharing lasts. There are several options available to you, the best of which is to go to an insurer that offers not only standard packages, but also coverage tailored to this type of tenancy. This will ensure that you have the best possible protection. Choosing the same insurance company for all housemates is also a viable choice. It will be much easier to settle any disputes that may arise. Finally, study the contents of the contract carefully and check out the requirements governing exclusions, deductibles, insurance premiums, coverage offered, etc.

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