Is van insurance mandatory for an amateur?

The van is a trailer towed by a vehicle which is used to transport equines on the road. The fact that it is towed undoubtedly suggests the question of insurance. Is it mandatory? Who can subscribe to it? What are the guarantees? These are all questions that arise when you own or rent a van to tow your horses. Let's take a look at it.

Van insurance: an obligation?

The insurance contract for the towed van concerns the transportation of horses (equids), whether for leisure use (simple stroll) or for use in equestrian activities (during equestrian competitions). Please note that this is an unpaid transport. You can insure your horse with insurance agencies such as MS Amlin. You have two options when it comes to van insurance: choose your car policy or take out a specific policy. The question of insurance relates to the total weight of the van when loaded. If the loaded van weighs less than 750 kg, it can be covered by the car insurance policy of the towing vehicle only. On the other hand, if the weight of the loaded van exceeds 750 kg, it is necessary to subscribe to a specific insurance. Indeed, the towed vans represent an aggravation of risk, so not declaring them can lead to sanctions in case of damage.

Van Insurance: Prerequisites

Before purchasing van insurance, certain conditions are required as with most insurance contracts. These requirements include 
  • The possession of an adapted and valid license of the driver of the towing   vehicle to be able to tow a van.
  • Indication of the van's amenities and its value.
  • The capacity of the total rolling weight of the towing vehicle to tow the van.
  • The obligation of registration and possession of a grey card for any van whose total weight exceeds or is equal to 500 kg.

The guarantees of the van insurance

The van insurance allows you to transport your horses with peace of mind. Depending on the company, the insurance offers which they provide may vary. Also, the options of guarantees of the van insurance are chosen by the insured according to   his or her needs. However, it is recommended to subscribe to a comprehensive insurance with options for a much more complete coverage. However, among the guarantees offered by van insurance contracts, we can  mention the following ones:
  • Civil liability coverage for any damage caused to a third party
  • The guarantee against the theft of the van
  • Fire coverage
  • Legal protection
  • Assistance in case of breakdown, etc.
In short, in case of damage or breakdown, depending on the options you have chosen, the van can be assisted at any time. In addition, the insured enjoys compensation according to the details mentioned in the contract.

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