How to choose the right van insurance for personal travel?

Are you a lover of adventure of any kind? The van is the ideal vehicle to travel in total freedom whether it is with your family, your partner or your friends. The comfort of this car allows you to discover the most idyllic destinations. However, during an adventure, the unexpected on the road can often happen. That's why it's important to take out car insurance that protects your vehicle to the maximum. So how do you choose your van insurance for personal travel? To do so, you need to know some important information.

What insurance for converted vans?

Before choosing the best insurance for your van, you should first know the category of your vehicle. This changes its coverage. A van for personal travel may be licensed or unlicensed. For the latter, the insurance does not cover its contents in case of damage, accident or theft. The insurance remains classic like that of a car. Certainly, you can add specific additional guarantees in order to cover your personal goods and fittings. As for the approved vans, in case of damage, its contents are taken care of by the insurance provided that it is a motorhome insurance. You can find more information on

How to choose the right van insurance for personal travel?

To choose your van insurance, many criteria must be taken into account. It must be consecutive to your needs. For that, you will have the choice between these three solutions. First of all, the civil liability guarantee which covers possible damage caused to others. You can complete this formula with additional guarantees, if you want to protect your van against fire, theft, vandalism or glass breakage. Finally, you can opt for the all-risk insurance that takes care of all damages. Remember also to make sure that the chosen insurance protects you even if you travel abroad, especially if you plan to leave your country. It is also preferable to choose flexible guarantees.

How to find the best cost/ coverage ratio

However, each insurer offers a variety of formulas and the prices are different. Indeed, some insurance companies charge amounts that can go from simple to triple. For this reason, it is always essential to make a comparison of offers before committing yourself. Be careful with the amount of the deductible and the degree of coverage, especially concerning the contents of the van. So don't hesitate to compete for maximum coverage or a better price.

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