3 advantages of buying insurance to transport horses?

Horse racing insurance is all risk death insurance. It can protect you if one of your horses dies of natural causes, accident or illness. It includes insurance for the transportation of horses in Europe and France, and even against theft.

How much does horse insurance cost?

If you insure your horses with a civil liability guarantee, then your home insurance is not enough and will not cost you only a few euros each year. If you get a FFE license and insure it, you should know that if you have only one horse, it is only 32 euros per year. The FFE license has several partnerships with insurance companies and can offer you preferential rates if you want to make a complete contract with them. So, if you are thinking of buying horse insurance only from your home policy and also from the FFE, you should know that the rates will vary depending on your riding practice, the cost of the horse, but most importantly, depending on what you choose to buy additional guarantees such as guaranteed veterinary fees and prices can go up quickly. Please visit a site to learn more about Horsebox insurance at msamlin.com.

Why insure the horse?

Keeping an animal can quickly become very expensive if the animal is not in good health or if it suffers from an accident, an illness or even a surgery. In fact, your pony or horse is really like your family and it is right to take good care of it. So, in order not to have to pay for veterinary care via a credit, a loan close or to sell things in value, it is better to anticipate and insure the horse than to do anything.

What are the requirements for insuring horses?

The steps for equine insurance vary from one insurance company to another. Many coverages, such as equine disease or mortality, only need to be cancelled if one of your horses is under 13 years of age. Foals can be insured for one month or six months, depending on the insurance company. Also, many warranties stop if the horse is older, around 17 or 18 years old. Again, it is all up to your agreement. A veterinarian's certificate must be required at the time of application to ensure that     the horse is healthy. Therefore, the document is not necessary, especially if the market price is low.

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