Insurance contracts

Which insurance policies are compulsory?

Home insurance

Home insurance must be taken out by all owners if they wish to benefit from a refund in the event of damage caused either by a person or by a natural disaster.

Car insurance

Car insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners, allowing them to benefit from coverage in the event of an accident, fire or theft.

Health insurance

Thanks to health insurance, you can benefit from reimbursements for your care, surgeries, purchase of medication or consultation with a doctor.

Civil liability insurance

Civil liability insurance covers you if you cause the destruction of someone else’s property or an accident. However, you will not be covered if the accident is deliberate.

The different insurance sectors

Who are the main players in the insurance market?

Online quotation and subscription

Insurance can be taken out online to speed up the process. First of all, you need to compare the available offers and to do this, you need to use an insurance comparison tool. Once you have found the most suitable offer for you, you should go to the insurer’s website and ask for a quote for the chosen formula and the associated guarantees.

Insurance brokerage

Brokers are the sole representatives of their clients!

Insurance brokerage is a fairly recent service, but many insurance providers tend to resort to it. Although insurers already advertise their offers through various communication channels, they are still struggling to attract customers because of fierce competition.

In response to this situation, many insurance institutions chose to work with brokers. These are specialists in the insurance field and act as intermediaries between insurers and customers. Their job is to attract new customers for the insurance companies and get paid a fee for their service. Note that Msamlin is one of the most called-upon brokerage providers out there thanks to its quality services.


The most common types of insurance

Comprehensive home insurance


Car insurance for unlicensed owners


Electric bike insurance


Health insurance


Insurance premiums

Payments and insurance contributions

Online payment

How can you pay your premiums online?

Insurance companies are becoming technologically ingenious by the day. It is therefore no longer required for clients to go to their offices to request information or to even take out an insurance policy. More importantly, some corporations operate exclusively online, and this does not remove the fact that they are renowned insurers.

Indeed, all well-known insurance companies have built themselves online platforms to better target customers from different countries and to make it easier for them to subscribe. The latter can be done directly by opening a virtual account through which every interaction with the insurer will take place, including the payment of contributions and the monitoring of the different transactions carried out by the subscriber.

Contract conditions

Amendment of the insurance contract

Termination upon expiry

Termination upon expiry refers to the decision not to renew the contract when it expires.

In the event of a change of address

When the insured person moves house, he or she is required to notify the insurer of the new address.

Contribution rate increase

A contribution rate increase acts as a penalty if the debt is not paid on time.

Bundling insurance contracts